The freedom to eat out

allerguard is the only allergen detection system that analyzes your entire meal, so you know it's safe to eat.

The allerguard device is a composite of three cutting-edge technologies that detect the presence of food allergens with unprecedented accuracy down to the molecular level.

Know it's safe to eat in less than 60 seconds

allerguard effortlessly scans the entire plate with patented technology.

Here's how it works -

1. Scans the entire plate

Before you eat, simply hold the allerguard device over the plate of food. allerguard's nanotechnology then absorbs the vapor molecules for detection.

2. Identifies potential allergens

Once absorbed, electrochemical sensors then identify any potential allergen molecules.

3. Confirms no allergen presence

Finally, artificial intelligence analyzes the chemical structure of the vapor molecules to identify any allergen presence down to the maximum allowable presence of an allergen deemed safe to eat.

Vapor Molecular Detection

plate vapor


Physical Sampling


Other allergen detection systems only take a sample of your food which may or may not represent the entire meal. In other words, allergens can still be there even if a sample is allergen-free. With allerguard your entire plate is analyzed from the vapors of your meal, down to the molecular level so nothing is missed.